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Koivupirtti Foundation improves the quality of life of its service home customers with the Vesratio Care service

The Koivupirtti Foundation, based in Tampere, is introducing Vesratio Care service to monitor the well-being of its service home customers. The remote monitoring service allows carers to monitor the lives of older people living in a care home unobtrusively, to understand the changes that are taking place in their lives and to gather important information to support care taking.

The Vesratio Care service, which will now be introduced into use, was piloted in the autumn of 2021 at the Koivupirtti Foundation’s care home in Petsamo, Tampere. The main goal of the successful pilot phase was to enhance early warning systems with the Vesratio monitoring solution and to enable early intervention in case the health of the inhabitants deteriorates.

Changes in sleep rhythm is a common problem facing the elderly. This is especially pronounced in the elderly with dementia. Their memory may be blurred, and the perception of whether they slept soundly the night before is no longer clear. Koivupirtti has experienced this in their daily activities, when monitoring elderly clients with dementia.

– We have benefited from Vesratio Care in many ways already during the test phase. The centralised Vesratio OneView view and the notifications of the changes have simply made our jobs easier, especially at night. Thanks to the technology, we are able to monitor our customers’ sleep without distracting devices and human intervention, says Jalmari Mäkinen, a practical nurse from Koivupirtti. 

– Tracking older customers at night is a challenge. Things can go wrong in an instant, and the midnight rounds aren’t enough to cope with the challenges. With the help of the Vesratio Care service, caregivers can solve these challenges, says Koivupirtti’s CEO Johanna Santaniemi.


The Vesratio Care service presents data collected from remote sensors, installed in the rooms or homes of the elderly, in a centralised web-based view. The service works passively in the background and monitors and evaluates the flow of life of the elderly. This way the nurses can understand for instance if the elderly have irregular movements at night, are they sleeping well or visiting the toilet several times. In addition, the sensors provide information about the temperature, brightness and activity of the home throughout day and night.

– The importance of rest for the well-being of the elderly is undeniable. But with the help of Vesratio Care, it is also possible to monitor daytime activity. For example, a lack of stimuli during the day can lead to napping and passivity, which is also important to understand when maintaining the well-being, says Antti Törmänen, Head of Sales Services at Vesratio Oy.

Vesratio was established with the aim of creating a new type of service for healthcare, which enables pensioners to live independently despite the changes caused by ageing.

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Koivupirti Foundation
The Koivupirtti Foundation offers service housing, enhanced service housing and low-threshold meeting places for the elderly. Koivupirtti’s service home is located in the garden-like Petsamo district of Tampere. The secure courtyard of our house allows for independent outdoor activities and we are able to arrange different kinds of celebrations there during the summer time. We respect traditional values, but also bring new methods and ideas to the elderly care. Our goal is to constantly improve the quality of care provided to residents. The Koivupirtti care home, which has been operating since 1963, has strong roots in senior care in Tampere. More information: https://www.koivupirtti.fi/

Vesratio Oy
Vesratio is an expert of the information needs of care activities at homes, at home care and at nursing homes. We constantly collect data from homes and apartments using unobtrusive sensor technology and combine this measurement data with information from loved ones and caregivers. Our own cloud-based artificial intelligence analyzes the information and presents it in an easy-to-understand format to those responsible for care. Vesratio Oy, founded in 2018, is headquartered in Lappeenranta. The company offers its services all over the world.

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Koivupirtti introduces Hoivita Care service

Vesratio | 17th January 2022

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